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SmartNet Project Final Meeting | 16 May 2019 | Arona, Italy

RSE is the coordinator of the Horizon2020 European project SMARTNET. The project, on TSO-DSO coordination, is going to discuss its final results with the European stakeholders.  more


Mission innovation - Smart Grid

MI IC1 Rome Declaration and SGIA platform: smart grid research sets new goals
The Smart Grids Innovation Workshop’s 4th edition further reinforced Italian leadership in the development of this sector and reaffirmed RSE’s strong contribution to this goal. From extra-high voltage supergrids to the rational utilisation of storage, from resilience to electricity demand management no doubt there are plenty of challenges ahead.  more


Power Systems Resilience: RSE’s research gains international resonance

RSE’s research into power systems earned appreciation at a number of international meetings discussing the complex issued linked to interconnected power systems and the need to innovate to mitigate criticalities  more


Resilience: a comparison between (top-level) international experiences

RSE’s research into power systems maintains an excellent scientific reputation, which makes it one of the cutting edge global centres capable of providing solutions to complex problems affecting interconnected power systems as well as of handling critical issues, as confirmed by three recently held/upcoming events in Dublin (June 11-15), Idaho (June 24-28) and Portland (August 5-9)  more


At Electrify Europe research meets Companies and decision makers

From e-mobility to cyber security, from smart grids to innovative storage materials, all the way through to new market models… as a scientific partner, RSE talked in Vienna about the state-of-the-art of the numerous projects under its leadership, thus reaffirming its high-level positioning on the international stage.  more


How research outlines the features of a future zero-emission energy landscape

Circularity, integration, subsidiarity and involvement are the 4 words that can describe the forthcoming integrated, fully carbon-free, pan European energy system as revealed by the Vision 2050 Report presented in Brussels on the 27th of June. RSE’s role has been strategic  more


Offshore Safety RSE and MiSE tailor safety awareness to the general public

A serious game will use play to spread awareness on the importance of preventive risk management as a means to prevent possible criticalities from affecting the safety of installations, workers and the environment  more


MISSION INNOVATION #1 RSE’s Research on Smart Grids Takes Centre Stage in New Delhi

Last mid-November the Indian capital city hosted the second Challenge 1 event focusing on smart grids. Policy makers, organizations and professionals in the field from all over the world gathered to discuss the sector’s latest developments. Our contribution in the international arena was greatly acknowledged and appreciated.  more


IWAIS 2017 Investigating ice sleeves on powerlines: RSE’s system-based approach travels the world

The 17th edition of the International Workshop on Atmospheric Icing of Structures held in Chongqing, China acknowledged the level of excellence of our studies. Meaningful feedback also came from Norway’s TSO, alongside possible future developments envisaged for Europe  more


2017 edition of “EU funded research projects” now published

The book provides an updated quick overview – by means of summary sheets - of RSE’s participation in European research projects funded under H2020 and previous EU Framework Programmes.  more

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