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Feeding the Planet (also) with electrical energy

Concomitantly with the World Exposition, RSE takes centre stage in three conferences to be held in Stresa and Lecco. These world-class meetings’agenda will revolve around smart grids as an integral part of globalized grid systems  more


Awarding Smart (and Clean) Grids

ISGAN – International Smart Grid Action Network to launch second edition of its Award of Excellence in partnership with GSGF - Global Smart Grid Federation. Integration of renewable in power systems takes centre stage in the 2015 edition  more


High-efficiency photovoltaics: RSE side by side with the field’s world leaders

CPV Match project under the European program Horizon 2020  approved our Piacenza labs to work on the project for the next three years and a half.  more


Strong RSE’s participation in first Horizon 2020’s call for proposals

The new EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation triggers harsh competition between applicant consortia  more


Another Tough Year for Thermoelectric Power Generation

A crisis meeting chaired by former Italian vice minister of Economic Development Claudio De Vincenti outlines the industry's main stumbling blocks. RSE submitted a study with a view to European goals for 2030  more


Our Challenge: Fostering Integration of Grids and Renewables in Europe

The Best Paths research project, co-funded by the EU, will focus on the development of interoperable HVDC multi-terminal lines as well as on the modernization and enhancement of the existing alternating current corridors. RSE is going to play a prominent role dealing with a variety of project-related activities.  more


Three countries “keep their balance” with the eBADGE project

RSE’s contributes to creating a balancing simulator involving Austria, Italy and Slovenia. An analysis is provided of the economic benefits of a shared management of power reserves.  more


APOLLON: Five years of Work In One Monograph

The report, issued in English and edited by RSE, provides an overview of the entire concentrating photovoltaic technology's development chain, including an economic analysis.  more


RSE's Research Under the Spotlight at the Solar Expo in Milan

We are the main technical and scientific partner  at the event scheduled for May 7-9. We will participate in eight meetings under the heading of smart technologies  more


INSPIRE-GRID,now online to improve social acceptance

The website of the European three-year project funded under FP7 and coordinated by RSE is now online.  more

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