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MISSION INNOVATION #1 RSE’s Research on Smart Grids Takes Centre Stage in New Delhi

MISSION INNOVATION #1 RSE’s Research on Smart Grids Takes Centre Stage in New Delhi

Last mid-November the Indian capital city hosted the second Challenge 1 event focusing on smart grids. Policy makers, organizations and professionals in the field from all over the world gathered to discuss the sector’s latest developments. Our contribution in the international arena was greatly acknowledged and appreciated.

After the first event held in Beijing last June, Mission Innovation – Innovation Challenge 1 - Smart Grid stopped off in New Delhi from the 16th to the 19th of November with a second workshop, bringing together international experts, policy makers and professionals of the smart grid industry from all over the world.

The workshop – whose official opening was celebrated in the presence of Indian Ministers (the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Power) representatives of the Indian Government and Chinese, Italian, British and American embassies – featured a 2-day closed-door technical meeting followed by an open day for visitors.

RSE’s highly qualified contribution provided an overview of national R&D activities and strategies targeting smart grids, highlighting Italian excellence in the field by showing a few examples from ongoing projects. The workshop included the processing of IC#1 members’ responses to the questionnaire devised by RSE itself with the aim of identifying R&D priorities. Six “tasks” were found on which to start cooperation.

The secretary of the Indian Department of Science and Technology (the Indian Ministry of Science &Technology) who participated in the closed-door meeting’s second day – expressed his appreciation for the event, which testifies to the importance given by the Indian Government itself to the involvement of the smart grid industry.

Also, participants agreed to and signed the New Delhi Declaration, a paper that formalizes IC#1 members’ commitment to further pursuing cooperation and driving the involvement of the private sector in the Challenge to reach the Mission Innovation’s goals.

Italy – represented by Massimo Spadoni, Scientific Attachè of the Italian Embassy in Delhi –reaffirmed its strong involvement in the IC#1, highlighting the importance of the Mission Innovation initiative in the framework of the National Energy Strategy (SEN) and thanked RSE for being (quote) “with its experts, a good representative of Italy”.

The open day also provided an opportunity to formalize and disseminate the New Delhi Declaration and to announce the cooperation agreement recently signed by RSE and the Indian IITR, the Indian Institute of Technology Rorkee, which follows the one signed with the Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences last June. Two more important cooperation agreements between India and USA and India and UK, respectively, were announced during the event.

The three-day event in New Delhi included the official presentation by Luciano Martini of the IC#1 Country Report 2017, a document drawn up with the contributions of 14 countries, collecting relevant information on strategies, trends, projects, and actions in the field of smart grids in the global arena.

The next IC#1 meeting will be held in May 2018 in Malmö (Sweden) and Copenaghen (Denmark).

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