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Smart grids technologies Group


The mission is the development and characterization of applicable technologies in the smart grids, with particular reference to the power electronics, ICT, automation and protection systems and the set up of advanced performance indicators for smart grids.

Fields of activity:

  • Evaluation of the use of innovative technologies for smart grids, with particular reference to the application of power electronics (converters, inverters) for interfacing to the power generators from renewable sources and energy storage systems
  • Experimentation of techniques and communication protocols and information technology (ICT) in smart grids in order to ensure the monitoring, protection and operation of the network in security conditions (including information security)
  • Study and experimentation of the distribution networks in DC and of interfacing to the network of electric vehicles
  • Management and development of the monitoring system at national level of the power quality on the MV network
  • Set up of advanced performance indicators (quality of supply, "smartness", cost-benefit)

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