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Metrology and diagnostics Group


The mission is to develop and validate diagnostic methods for the transmission and distribution system, also to support the verification of the performance of metrological chains of network and their evolution in the smart grid.

Fields of activity:

  • Management and development of the ACCREDIA centre and of the internal metrological service
  • Study of measuring voltage, current and power, with particular reference to the metrological issues of network sensors (CT/VT, Stand-Alone Merging Unit ...), their integration into the measuring chains and their interactions with secondary equipment (electronic counters or SMART, equipment for phasor measurements or quality of supply, guards etc.) and development of innovative solutions
  • Evaluation of the state of the electrical components by using methods and advanced algorithms (numerical simulations, sensors, etc.)
  • Study and development of innovative sensor systems and of the relative measurement chain
  • Verification on field of devices and measurement chain of voltage, current and power
  • Integration of methodologies developed within the smart grid and data management in its information flow

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