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Antonio Nicola Negri


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20134 Milano

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A degree in nuclear engineering from the Polytechnic of Milan in 1979, he began his professional career at CISE (Information Centre Study and Experience) of Segrate (Milan) in the field of energy efficiency (cogeneration electricity / heat, energy saving, industry ) and in 1987 went to work on studies, research and consultancy in the environmental field.

From 1998 to 2000 he was Head of the 'Atmosphere' Unit of Structure Research of ENEL. From 2000 to 2005, by CESI (Italian Electro Technical Testing Center, Milan), he directed firstly research groups in the areas of monitoring and environmental impact and then the Business Unit 'Territorial and Environmental Studies'. Moved to RSE from the Society in 2006 (initially called CESI RESEARCH then ERSE), was director of the Department 'Environment and Sustainable Development' and now directs the Department "Sustainable Development and Renewable Energy."

The main interests are focused on the management and environmental planning, environmental impact of plant and infrastructure of the power system, the development of renewable sources, environmental monitoring, the problems of air pollution and Climate Change.

He has chaired for six years (2006-12), the Study Committee C3 'System Environmental Performance' of CIGRE (International Council of Large Electric Systems, and he is a member of CEN TC 264 and UNI.

He is the author or co-author of over 40 memoirs published in journals or presented at national or international scientific conferences. Among his major recent works, we can mention:

A.N. Negri e G. Mazzà - Il contributo della ricerca allo sviluppo delle Fonti Rinnovabili: così si innova l'Idroelettrico' - Nuova Energia, N. 4 (2011)

A.N. Negri - Electric Power Sector and Environment: the CIGRE approach - International Colloquium 'Renewable Energy Sources: Environmental and Social Issues' , Oporto (Portugal), September 2009

F. Moia, A. N. Negri - Il sequestro geologico della CO2 in Italia - Inquinamento Luglio/Agosto 2009

P.P. Girardi, C. Brambilla, S. Maran, R. Ambrogi, A.N. Negri - I costi esterni delle linee di trasmissione ad alta tensione - AEIT, N.7/8, Luglio/Agosto 2009

A. N. Negri - Energy Efficiency. A systemic approach for electric power system: focus on T&D network - IEA/ISO/IEC Workshop on International Standards to promote Energy Efficiency and Reduce Carbon Emission, Paris, 16-17 March 2009

F. D. Apadula, A. N. Negri - Cambiamenti climatici: dubbi, certezze e probabile impatto sul sitema elettrico - AEIT N. 11 Novembre 2008

R. C. Ambrogi, A. N. Negri , G. M. Riva - Sistema elettrico ed ambiente. La valutazione dei costi esterni delle generazione di energia - AEIT N. 11 Novembre 2008

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