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Walter Bruno Grattieri

RSE S.p.A.

Via Rubattino,54

20134 Milano

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After graduating in Electrical Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Milan he completed his background at the Center for Advanced Engineering Studies of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology by attending the Advanced Study Program.
He’s been working for 20 years with ENEL’s R&D, where he dealt with Power Systems Planning, Demand Side Management, and Integrated Resource planning, with particular reference to the development of efficient end-use electrotechnologies. Previously patent holder, has held senior positions at various scientific committees at the national and international level.
Subsequently, from 2000 to 2005, was at CESI SpA, first as a Line Manager and then as a Senior Scientist with responsibilities related to the study of the evolution and demand of electricity. During these years, he began his collaboration with the Regulation Authority for Electricity and Gas, which has led to the development of most of the procedures used today for the quantification of energy savings eligible for the issue of White Certificates.

Since 2006 he works with RSE (formerly CESI RESEARCH, then ERSE), where he is currently Deputy Director of the Department and Head of the Research Project "Rationalization and saving in the use of electricity." He is national representative for the "Demand Side Management Implementing Agreement" at the International Energy Agency, as well as a member of the "Heat Pump Statistics" of Eurostat, also participates in the work for transposition into national law of the new Directive on the energy performance of buildings (2010/31/EU).

His activity intersects the main aspects that affect the energy consumption: efficient technologies, the demand for comfort, requirements of production processes, habits and personal behavior, energy costs, etc.. . The activity ranges from the analysis and modeling of the demand, to the effects of pricing, the impacts of regulation, and to on-field monitoring and energy audit.

Main Publications 

M.Benini, M.Gallanti, W.Grattieri, S.Maggiore: “Impact of the enforcement of a Time-of-Use tariff to Residential customers in Italy”, CIRED 2013 22nd International Conference & Exhibition on ELECTRICITY DISTRIBUTION

W.Grattieri, et alii, “La pompa di calore per un comfort sostenibile”, Editrice Alkes 2013. 

M.Benini, M.Gallanti, W.Grattieri, S.Maggiore: “Evaluation of the effects of a tariff change on the Italian residential customers subject to a mandatory Time-of-Use tariff”, Eceee 2013 Summer Study on energy efficiency 

A.Capozza, F.Cucchietti, W.Grattieri,: “Energy Saving Potential in the Italian Telecommunication Industry”, Eceee 2012 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry 

W.Grattieri, S.Maggiore, R.Menga, S.Vitale: “Efficienza energetica nella pubblica illuminazione e certificati bianchi: una nuova procedura per il calcolo dei risparmi di energia primaria”, Convegno Nazionale AEIT, 27-29 Giugno 2011, Milano 

F.Bazzocchi, L.Croci, W.Grattieri: “Pompe di calore, come valutare le prestazioni energetiche”, Nuova Energia, n. 6/2010. 

A.Busolini, P.Fiorentin, W.Grattieri, R.Menga, A.Muraro: “Interventi di risparmio energetico sugli impianti di illuminazione pubblica”, AEIT n. 4/2010. 

L.Croci, W.Grattieri, G.Lapini: ”L’incidenza dei consumi dei servizi ausiliari nel bilancio energetico degli impianti dotati di pompe di calore geotermiche”, 47° Convegno Internazionale AICARR, 8-9 ottobre 2009, Tivoli. 

W.Grattieri: “White Certificates In Italy“, European Energy Law Report IV, Intersentia 2007 

C.Chemelli, W.Grattieri: “DEMAND RESPONSE: technology requirements for an emerging business”, A.N.I.P.L.A. International Congress on Methodologies for Emerging Technologies in Automation, Roma, 13-15 Novembre, 2006

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