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Progetto CONVENERGIA 2017

Small scale energy conversion plants

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Andrea Rossetti

The present report includes the results of the research activities of the project "Small scale energy conversion plants”.

The Project aims to promote the improvement of energy efficiency by means of small and efficient devices for energy conversion, with specific reference to the technologies employed in plants for the conversion of electrical energy into other forms of energy or the conversion of thermal/ solar energy into electricity, with strong innovative value.

The activities have clear technological features, but are lead with a clear system approach. The theme of energy conversion through efficient technology is in fact an extremely important issue, according to EU guidelines, within the complex framework of energy efficiency. Any assessment about energy and economy aspects of any technological plant, must therefore be integrated into such a systemic framework.

This document provides, a summary of the results of research activities on the development of small efficient systems for energy conversion carried out by RSE in the reference period of annual plan 2017. Research areas were selected in which market operators are scarce, evaluating the application prospects and the ability to penetrate the market together with a prospect of technical and economic convenience.


Rossetti Andrea