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Progetto INDUSTRIA 2017

Industrial processes and machinery for energy

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Cristina Cavicchioli

This summary report summarizes the main issues and results achieved in the "Industrial processes and machinery" project as part of the 2017 Annual Implementation Plan.

The Project aims to promote energy efficiency in the industrial sector and to contribute to the removal of barriers that hinder its development, in order to achieve the targets set by the international and national standards. The issue of energy efficiency is underlined in all EU guidelines, for the next decades, inextricably linked to energy policy issues and international and national environment. This is confirmed by the European Directive 2012/27 on energy efficiency, that clearly expresses how the strategy for implementing the EU energy targets will involve energy efficiency in a substantial way.

This document provides a synthesis of the results of the energy efficiency research activities in industry, carried out by RSE in the reference Period of the Annual Plan (PAR) 2017. The project is divided in two main lines, one complementary to the other. The first research line is a support to the energy policies of central public institutions (Ministry of Economic Development, the Italian Regulatory Authority ARERA, etc.), while supporting the promotion of projects for the reduction of energy consumption by other stakeholders (Confindustria, industry and trade associations, etc). Example of best practices in industries and services are presented to facilitate the transfer and full implementation of the energy and environmental policies and the achievement of the targets set at international level. Additional industrial sectors have been identified this year and new ones selected to continue research for new efficient technologies. The second research line proposes the study, research and experimental verification of efficient technologies, developed to facilitate the identification, in close relationship with the industrial world, of new efficient technologies.

The technologies were selected on the basis of prior analysis to increase the convenience and the application potential and future market penetration of Italian industries, focusing on the energy efficiency of production processes, with particular reference to widespread products and services or energy intensive activities.

The described activity completes the 2015-17 three-year course: on the one hand concluding the review of sector analyzes to define realistic efficiency potentials of the most energy intensive sectors, on the other hand completing the preparatory studies for the realization of a particular innovative technology for an efficient production of technical gases by means of membranes.