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European Union

European Union

This site section reports RSE research projects within the European V, VI and VII framework programs, Horizon 2020 program and other community research and innovation programs

RSE is a research centre with a consolidated tradition in the participation in European programs on topics of scientific relevance in the electro-energy sector with a view to the growing internationalisation of technological research and development activities.

RSE is currently involved in over 65 European projects and coordinates 14 consortia involving over 150 of the most important research centres and industrial organisations in Europe.
RSE is also actively involved in supporting the Ministry for Economic Development in implementing the European Union Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan): specifically in European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) Joint Programmes on Smart Grids (for which it is the coordinator) and on Carbon Capture and Storage and in European Industrial Initiatives "Electricity Grids" (EEGI) and "Wind Energy" (EEWI).

RSE's overall participation since the launch of the EU's VII Framework Program and the launch of the new Horizon 2020 Program is summarised in the table below.

EU's Program - RSE funding




 % Success 

2007 29 11 38
2008 20 10 50
2009 16 7 44
2010 10 4 40
2011 12 5 42
2012 26 13 46
2013 29 13 45
2014 20 4 20
all 162 66 41

EU funded research project - The publication