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Project ASTROM

ASsessment of resilience to ThReats of cOntrol and data Management systems of electrical transmission network

ASsessment of resilience to ThReats of cOntrol and data Management systems of electrical transmission network

European Union




Emanuele Ciapessoni


ASTROM project aimed to define and to validate an innovative methodological framework for the quantitative assessment of the resilience of control and data management systems in electrical transmission networks towards external threats. Electrical Transmission Network requires adequate ICT systems to perform control & data management, to remotely maintain, monitor, and operate each critical infrastructure:

– ICT systems have a key relevance, as they represent the collector of data stream and the main instrument for power systems control and decision support;
– Nowadays the electronic and information systems devoted to the control and supervision of transmission and distribution networks of electricity, gas and water, called Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), are becoming more vulnerable to emerging threats.

The tighter interconnection between Control & Data Management (C&DM) System and other ICT systems may lead to an increased vulnerability due to potential threats for all the power system. Evolution of C&DM Systems, from the traditional proprietary and closed systems to the public and open ones, shifted the attention from physical security to typical ICT threats, which are important for the resilience.

To test ASTROM methodology a software tool has been developed to facilitate its application to a generic kind of European C&DM system; the SW tools allows: to model the relationships among the various components of the C&DM; to associate the probabilities of prevention and recovery to each Mission Requirement and Vulnerability-Threat couples associated to every components; to assess the Resilience of a C&DM system at any level (component, subsystem, overall system). The application of ASTROM methodology can give quantitative information on how a Power C&DM system may survive to a potentially disruptive event and can help the assessment of mitigation solution.