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Project e-MOTICON

e-MObility Transnational strategy for an Interoperable COmmunity and Networking in the Alpine Space

European Union




Cristina Cavicchioli


Low and inhomogeneous deployment of electro mobility (e-mobility) characterises Alpine Space (AS). The number of electric charging stations (E-CS) varies from 15 to 235 E-CS per million inhabitants whereas e-vehicles’(EV) number varies from 70 to 470 per million inhabitants. One reason for the inadequate diffusion is low interoperability of E-CS often due to the limited integration of planning instruments used by Public Administrations (PA) and their lack of knowledge in technological innovation and business modelling.

If at all, PAs address the issue in an isolated way and leave the investments to private non-coordinated initiatives; therefore there is a need of regional administrations’ capacity building and integrated transnational approach. e-MOTICON brings together 15 partners from 5 countries, involving 40 observers and 8 endorsements from each programme area and Switzerland, including managing authorities, regional bodies, research centres and private investors. The partnership aims to support PAs in ensuring homogeneous development of e-mobility, deploying an innovative transnational strategy of integration among spatial planning, innovative business models and technologies, sustainable mobility patterns, energy efficiency instruments and policies enabling large diffusion of E-CS and wider interoperability.

After the analysis of policies, business models and technological solutions, e-MOTICON will deliver a White book on innovative E-CS planning to respect e-mobility requirements in AS transnational strategy and Regional Action Plans. It will provide a toolset to anticipate E-CS network requirements and test it in 3 joint pilot actions. A transnational community will involve PAs and representatives of the e-mobility industrial sector, research centres, regional agencies, end users (residents & tourists) and public transport agencies to improve PAs capacity on E-CS planning, cooperation, increase knowledge and enhance consensus.

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