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Project IntEnSys4EU

Integrated Energy System – a Pathway for Europe

Integrated Energy System – a Pathway for Europe

European Union




Michele de Nigris


IntEnSys4EU continues and widens the work plan of GRID+ and GRID+ Storage (financed under FP7 and H2020, respectively) with the aim of coordinating and prioritising the European Research and Innovation in the field of electricity grids integrated into a wider energy system. In assistance of the ETIP SNET (European Technology and Innovation Platform on Smart Networks for Energy Transition), it aims at addressing the SET-Plan identified novel interacting integration challenges, where:

-- the consumer becomes active and is put at the centre of the energy system; 
-- a demand focus that increases energy efficiency across the energy system;
-- an energy system optimization leading to a secure, cost-effective, clean and competitive energy supply.

Energy networks are critical to successfully address the above integration challenges. The project managed by four independent players, i.e., ZABALA Innovation Consulting (coordinator), TECHNOFI, RSE and BACHER Energie, involves the technical expertise of the members of four associations (ENTSO-E, EDSO, EASE and EERA) to implement parallel processes in view of defining and implementing a novel approach to the subsequent RD&I strategy for energy networks.

The activity will be based on defining a scenario for the development of the energy system to 2030 and the research, development and innovation actions that will be needed to meet its objectives. In particular, the project will define the roadmaps and implementation plans that will be the foundation of the research plans of the future calls of Horizon 2020 and the programme that will follow. A special attention will be devoted to the continuous involvement of a wide audience of stakeholders, which will allow the European innovation plans to be shared and integrated with the national innovation programmes.


You may access the project website to find detailed and updated info on project structure, partners, news, events, pubblications and more.