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Distributed generation systems

Distributed Generation is a model of the production and distribution of energy that is based on the integration in electricity networks of small/medium-sized renewable source and co-generation plants (often natural gas) generally connected to the dis...

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G. Dondossola, R. Terruggia, P. Wylach, G. Pugni, F. Bellio, Application of Monitoring Standards for enhancing Smart Grids Security, Cigrè Session 46 21-26 , Agosto-2016. Paper European Union
M. Verga, A. Pegoiani, V. Prandoni, C. Sandroni, E. Fasciolo, G. Festa, et al., “Smart Grid Lambrate” project: microgrid active management and control from a Primary Substation, Power- Gen Europe 2016 Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo Europe, Milano 21-23, Giugno-2016. Paper Power System Research
C. Sandroni, E. Corsetti, G. Guagliardi, A photovoltaic production estimator based on artificial neural networks, CIRED 2016 Electrical Networks for Society and People Helsinki, Finlandia 14-15 , Giugno-2016. Paper Power System Research
A. Pitto, F. Adinolfi, F. Conte, S. Massucco, F. Silvestro, Dynamic models for Distributed Energy Resources in a microgrid environment, 1st International Forum on Research and Technologies for Society and Industry Leveraging a better tomorrow 16-18 , Settembre-2015. Paper Power System Research
D. Tosi, S. Marzorati, M. La Rosa, G. Dondossola, R. Terruggia, Big Data from Cellular Networks: How to Estimate Energy Demand at real-time, 2015 IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics 19-21, Ottobre-2015. Paper European Union
R. Terruggia, G. Dondossola, Cyber Security Analysis of Smart Grid Communications with a Network Simulator, 4th D-A-CH Energieinformatik 2015 12-13 , DOI:10.1007/978-3-319-25876-813, pp. 153–164, Novembre-2015. Paper European Union
G. Dondossola, R. Terruggia, C. Zagano, Security Testing of Smart Grid Communication Standards, Telecontrollo 2015 Made in Italy: A step Forword for a Better Life Soluzioni Sostenibili Per le Smart Community 29-30 , Settembre-2015. Paper Power System Research
S. Liotta, S. Alessandroni, C. Michelangeli, C. Carlini, C. Arrigoni, D. Manocchia, The Smart Grid Pilot Project of ACEA Distribuzione: Innovative Criteria for MV Network Management in Presence of Distributed Generation, 14ma Edizione Telecontrollo Made in Italy: a Step Forword For a Better Life Soluzioni Sostenibili per la Smart Community 29-30, Settembre-2015. Paper Power System Research
S. Marzorati, E. Fasciolo, G. Dondossola, R. Terruggia, M. La Rosa, S. Fratti, Energy consumption and demand estimation from cellular network data: A real world case study, CIRED 2015 23rd International Conference & Exhibition on ELECTRICITY DISTRIBUTION 15-18, Giugno-2015. Paper European Union
G. Dondossola, R. Terruggia, Security of communications in voltage control for grids connecting DER: impact analysis and anomalous behaviours, Cigre' Session 45 24-30 , Agosto-2014. Paper Power System Research
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