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Electricity Storage Systems

Today, especially when electricity generation units are from renewable sources, the possible occurrence of network stability problems due to the instability of these generators limits the diffusion of distributed generation. Coupling electricity st...

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L. Pellegrino, E. Micolano, Enhance available battery energy by means of a new management system control strategy, AEIT 2016 Convegno Annuale e Internazionale. Lo sviluppo sostenibile nel Mediterraneo: reti di energia e reti di informazione del futuro Capri 5-7, Ottobre-2016. Paper Power System Research
M. Benini, S. Canevese, A. Cavaliere, D. Cirio, A. Gatti, P. Grisi, et al., Cost/benefit analyses of storage systems applications for the provision of dispatching services, 15th IEEE International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering 10-13 , pp. 319-324, Giugno-2015. Paper Power System Research
F. Lanati, A. Gelmini, M. Benini, M. Gallanti, A methodology to assess the impact of 2030 EU climate and energy targets on the national power systems: the Italian case, EEM15 12th International Conference on the European Energy Market 20-22 , Maggio-2015. Paper Power System Research
E. Micolano, R. Lazzari, L. Pellegrino, Influence of management and system configuration on performances and lifetime of lithium-ion batteries, Convegno Annuale Inaternazionale AEIT Lo sviluppo sostenibile del Mediterraneo 14-16 , Ottobre-2015. Paper Power System Research
M. Benini, S. Canevese, D. Cirio, A. Gatti, D. Moneta, C. Scognamiglio, et al., Control of distributed generation plants and storage systems for the provision of ancillary services , Convegno Annuale AEIT 2014 - Dalla ricerca all'impresa: necessità di un trasferimento più efficace Energia, Comunicazione, Informazione, Economia 18-19 , Settembre-2014. Paper Power System Research
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