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Sustainable development

The Electricity System is faced with a series of demanding challenges in the path toward Sustainable Development. In the short term, on one hand it is necessary to increase system security and resilience to allow mitigation and the adaptation to th...

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M. Lacavalla, P. Marcacci, R. Bonanno, Weather Forecast and Monitoring System of wet-snow sleeve on Overhead Power Lines in Italy, WEMC - World Energy and Meteorology Council, 27-28, Giugno-2017. Presentation Power System Research
R. Bonanno, P. Faggian, Changes in heavy precipitation events over Mediterranean Basin, ICRC-CORDEX 2016 18-20 , Maggio-2016. Presentation Power System Research
P. Faggian, Cambiamenti Climatici: scenari per l'Italia, Cambiamenti Climatici e Infrastrutture Critiche 20 , Giugno-2016. Presentation Power System Research
A. Gelmini, The small Italian islands: CBA of the RES introduction in the current power system using storage systems, SOLAREXPO 2015 Fotovoltaico Off Grid Impinati Ibridi, Storage e Mini Grid Ibride Elettrificazione Rurale 8-10 , Aprile-2015. Presentation Power System Research
A. Gelmini, “European Market Coupling: The Possible Impact on Renewable National Production, LookOut - Rinnovabili Elettriche Q4 2014 10, Marzo-2015. Presentation Power System Research
A. Gelmini, S. Rossi, F. Lanati, The Italian power system evolution, from the current thermoelectric crisis to 2030 scenarios, Giornata raccolta Input per le previsioni energetiche 17, Dicembre-2015. Presentation Power System Research
S. Scapin, F. Apadula, M. Brunetti, M. Maugeri, Response of electricity demand to temperature and solar radiation in Italy, 14th EMS Annual Meeting & 10th European Conference on Applied Climatology (ECAC) 6-10 , Ottobre-2014. Presentation Power System Research
F. Lanati, The new incentive mechanisms of Renewable Energy Sources (RES)and their cost, Università degli studi di Milano 29 , Maggio-2014. Presentation Power System Research
A. Gelmini, EU 2030 objectives; development scenarios of the electrical system, Smart Energy EXPO Setting the Future 8-10 , Ottobre-2014. Presentation Power System Research
A. Gelmini, F. Lanati, Electric demand and power system development at 2030, Politiche ambientali e incertezze economiche: valutazioni di impatto sui consumi di energia in Italia al 2030 - GdL Analisi Energetiche e Petrolifere 18, Dicembre-2014. Presentation Power System Research
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