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Control and communication systems

When the electricity network includes distributed generators, some of which have a production that is affected by fixed external factors (ex. wind or photovoltaic generators) and other elements, loads and storages, that can somehow be commanded, it i...

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G. Dondossola, R. Terruggia, P. Wylach, G. Pugni, F. Bellio, Application of Monitoring Standards for enhancing Smart Grids Security, Cigrè Session 46 21-26 , Agosto-2016. Paper European Union
G. Proserpio, S. Pugliese, D. Della Giustina, E. Bionda, D. Pala, IEC CIM-61850 harmonization - the logic selectivity case, 2016 IEEE EEEIC 16 IEEE International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering 7-10, Giugno-2016. Paper Power System Research
C. Sandroni, S. Raimondi Cominesi, E. Corsetti, R. Scattolini, G. Guagliardi, Daily and Short Term Optimal Energy Management with Uncertainty, CIRED Workshop 2016 Electrical networks for society and people 14-15 , Giugno-2016. Paper Power System Research
M. Verga, A. Pegoiani, V. Prandoni, C. Sandroni, E. Fasciolo, G. Festa, et al., “Smart Grid Lambrate” project: microgrid active management and control from a Primary Substation, Power- Gen Europe 2016 Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo Europe, Milano 21-23, Giugno-2016. Paper Power System Research
D. Tosi, S. Marzorati, M. La Rosa, G. Dondossola, R. Terruggia, Big Data from Cellular Networks: How to Estimate Energy Demand at real-time, 2015 IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics 19-21, Ottobre-2015. Paper European Union
R. Terruggia, G. Dondossola, Cyber Security Analysis of Smart Grid Communications with a Network Simulator, 4th D-A-CH Energieinformatik 2015 12-13 , DOI:10.1007/978-3-319-25876-813, pp. 153–164, Novembre-2015. Paper European Union
S. Raimondi Cominesi, A. Del Corno, E. Corsetti, G. Guagliardi, C. Sandroni, R. Scattolini, Thermal and energy production optimization in microgrids with Model Predictive Control, International Conference on Renewable Energies and Power Quality (ICREPQ 16) 4-6 , ISSN 2172-038 X, No.14 May 2016, Maggio-2015. Paper Power System Research
G. Dondossola, R. Terruggia, C. Zagano, Security Testing of Smart Grid Communication Standards, Telecontrollo 2015 Made in Italy: A step Forword for a Better Life Soluzioni Sostenibili Per le Smart Community 29-30 , Settembre-2015. Paper Power System Research
D. Pala, G. Proserpio, Model-driven development of a standard-compliant Customer Energy Manager, 2015 International Symposium on Smart Electric Distribution Systems and Technologies 8-11, pp. 324-328, Settembre-2015. Paper Power System Research
A. Frascella, J.Swiderski, G. Proserpio, E. Rikos, A. Temiz, A. Babs, et al., Looking for the unified classification and evaluation approach of SG interface standards for the purposes of ELECTRA IRP, 2015 International Symposium on Smart Electric Distribution Systems and Technologies (EDST) - CIGRE SC C6 Colloquium 8-11, Settembre-2015. Paper Power System Research
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