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Active distribution networks

The increasing diffusion of small generation requires that the distribution system evolves toward active management, in which the network Manager can act on the distributed resources by fixing the production levels of active and reactive power and/or...

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A. Villa, R. Chiumeo, F. Belloni, C. Gandolfi, A Series Compensation Device for the LV Power Quality Improvement, International Conference on Renewable Energies and Power Quality (ICREPQ'17) 4-6 , ISSN 2172-038, Aprile -2017. Paper Power System Research
D. Stein, L. Consiglio, C. Michelangeli, C. Carlini, D. Moneta, G. Viganò, Real field testing results of the innovative Medium Voltage control systemdeveloped in the Italian Demonstrator of GRID4EU, CIGRE' Session 46 21-26 , Agosto-2016. Paper European Union
G. Viganò, M. Rossi, C. Carlini, D. Moneta, Measurements Placement in Active Distribution Networks for Centralized Control Systems, AEIT 2016 Convegno Annuale e Internazionale. Lo sviluppo sostenibile nel Mediterraneo: reti di energia e reti di informazione del futuro Capri 5-7, Ottobre-2016. Paper Power System Research
G. Dondossola, R. Terruggia, P. Wylach, G. Pugni, F. Bellio, Application of Monitoring Standards for enhancing Smart Grids Security, Cigrè Session 46 21-26 , Agosto-2016. Paper European Union
A. Villa, F. Belloni, C. Gandolfi, R. Chiumeo, Conventional and Reverse Droop Control in Islanded Microgrid: Simulation and Experimental Test, SPEEDAM 2016 22-24 , 978-1-5090-2067-6/16/$31.00 ©2016 IEEE, pp. 288-294, Giugno -2016. Paper Power System Research
M. Verga, A. Pegoiani, V. Prandoni, C. Sandroni, E. Fasciolo, G. Festa, et al., “Smart Grid Lambrate” project: microgrid active management and control from a Primary Substation, Power- Gen Europe 2016 Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo Europe, Milano 21-23, Giugno-2016. Paper Power System Research
G. Dondossola, R. Terruggia, Evaluation of Smart Grid Control Scenarios in a Communication Security Platform, CIGRE' International colloquium “building smarter substations” , 14-16, Novembre-2016. Paper Power System Research
C. Sandroni, E. Corsetti, G. Guagliardi, A photovoltaic production estimator based on artificial neural networks, CIRED 2016 Electrical Networks for Society and People Helsinki, Finlandia 14-15 , Giugno-2016. Paper Power System Research
S. Corti, M. Garau, G. Celli, E. Ghiani, G.G. Soma, F. Pilo, ICT Reliability Modelling in Co-Simulation of Smart Distribution Networks, RTSI 2015 1st Int. Forum on Research and Technologies for Society and Industry 16-18 , Settembre-2015. Paper Power System Research
L. Consiglio, D. Stein, D. Viganò, D. Moneta, Storage units in active Distribution Networks: advanced Voltage Regulation with multi objective optimization, PowerTech Eindhoven 2015 29-2, Giugno-Luglio-2015. Paper European Union
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