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The increasing use of automation systems and power electronics equipment for the management and control of energy and production processes in different industrial sectors, lead to a steady increase in the number of users that are sensitive to deviati...

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H. Shadmehr, F. Belloni, R. Chiumeo, D. Della Giustina, D. Pala, L. Tenti, et al., A demonstrator tool to provide the network operator with micro-services based on big data and semantic web technologies, International Conference on Renewable Energies and Power Quality (ICREPQ'17) 4-6 , ISSN 2172-038 X, vol. 15, Aprile-2017. Paper Power System Research
H. Shadmehr, R. Chiumeo, L. Tenti, Self-tuning Kalman filter and machine learning algorithms for voltage dips upstream or downstream origin detection, International Conference on Renewable Energies and Power Quality (ICREPQ 16) 4-6, Maggio-2016. Paper Power System Research
E. Bionda, D. Pala, G. Proserpio, L. Tenti, S. Pugliese, D. Della Giustina, Integration of Power Quality information in the framework of a standard semantic model, IEEE EEEIC 16th IEEE International Conference on Enviroment and Electrical Engineering Firenze, 7-10 , Giugno-2016. Paper Power System Research
R. Chiumeo, L. Tenti, L. Garbero, F. Malegori, Feasible methods to evaluate voltage dips origin, The International Conference on Renewable Energies (ICREPQ15) 25-27 , Marzo-2015. Paper Power System Research
F. Cucchietti, C. Bianco, G. Griffa, R. Chiumeo, L. Tenti, Characterization of sequence of events potentially responsible for the reboot ofultra-broadband telecommunication devices, CIRED 2015 23rd International Conference and Exhibition on ELECTRICITY 15-18, Giugno-2015. Paper Power System Research
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