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T&D network technologies and components

In response to changes in the electricity system, the adoption of transmission and distribution technologies characterized by more advanced functionality and performance can be an effective tool to overcome the difficulties mentioned above as an alte...

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G. Dotelli, L. Barbieri, A. Barbareschi Villa, C. Cavallotti, A. R. Leon-Garzon, M. Gondola, Thermodynamic analysis of the degradation of polyethylene subjected to internal partial discharges, Chemical Engineering Science , vol. 180, pp. 1-10, Gennaio-2018. Article Power System Research
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V. Rossi, G. Angeli, M. Ascade, A. Valzasina, C. Ravetta, L. Martini, et al., Status of superconducting fault current limiter in Italy: final results from the in-field testing activity and preliminary design of the 9kV/15.6MVA device, IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, ISSN1051-8223, vol. 26 N. 3, Aprile-2016. Article Power System Research
S. Marchionna, G. Pirovano, L. De Maria, C. Chemelli, Optical and electrical properties of transparent conductive ultrathin films for electric grid O&M applications, SMT30 The 30th International Conference on Surface Modification Technologies Milano 29-1, Giugno- Luglio-2016. Article Power System Research
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L. Martini, High Temperature Superconductors: Overview of HTS power system applications, L'Energia Elettrica , vol. 92 N. 4, pp. 31-46, Luglio/Agosto -2015. Article Power System Research
G. Dondossola, R. Terruggia, Security of communications in voltage control for grids connecting DER: impact analysis and anomalous behaviours, CIGRE Science and Engineering Innovation In the Power Systems Idustry , ISSN 2426-1335, vol. 2, pp. 30-39, Giugno-2015. Article European Union
N. Cennamo, G. D Agostino, M. Pesavento, L. De Maria, L. Zeni, Combined Molecularly Imprinted Polymer and Surface Plasmon Resonance transduction in Plastic Optical Fiber for monitoring oilfilled power transformers, Procedia Engineering , vol. 87, pp. 532 – 535 2015. Article Power System Research
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