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Direct current distribution networks

The coming of power electronics is radically changing the scenarios of transmission, distribution and use of electricity. In fact it is already possible to develop reliable and economic electronic converters to completely release the tension, frequen...

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D. Cirio, E. Ciapessoni, S. Massucco, F. Silvestro, A. Pitto, Risk-based security and control framework for power system operation under significant amounts of HVDC-connected wind power generation, International Review of Electrical Engineering (I.R.E.E.), ISSN 1827- 6660 , vol. 10 N. 3, pp. 370-380, Maggio-Giugno-2015. Article Power System Research
C. Ching Liu, C. Moreira, O. Despouys, A. Gatti, E. Ciapessoni, D. Cirio, et al., Chapter 1:HVDC Grid for Offshore Wind Exploitation, Offshore Wind: Technologies, Ecological Risks and Prospects, 978-1-63482-364-7, pp. 3-76 2015. Article Power System Research
C. Gandolfi, R. Chiumeo, R. Lazzari, The integration of DC distribution grid in the traditional network. Application filed of the research. The RSEs activities., Quotidiano Energia , vol. 12 N. 35, pp. 9-10, Febbraio-2015. Article Power System Research
E. Ciapessoni, D. Cirio, M. Gallanti, M. Marzinotto, M. Rebolini, A. Iliceto, HVDC and European Research: Italy in the spotlight, AEIT, vol. 102 N. 10, pp. 36-43, Ottobre-2015. Article Power System Research
E. Ciapessoni, D. Cirio, L. Martini, G. Pirovano, European research on power grids: Italy in the spotlight, Quotidiano Energia , vol. 11 N. 178, pp. 9-10, Ottobre-2015. Article Power System Research
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