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Reliability and asset management

The issue of reliability and optimized management of infrastructures and components - so-called asset management - in the transmission and distribution of electricity cover a role of increasingly greater importance in the present electricity market e...

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M. Bocchi, G. Angeli, Development of simulation methods for the study of fluidodynamic phenomena in innovative configuration of superconductive cable cryostats RSE 18000039, 2017. Report Power System Research
M. Bocchi, G. Angeli, L. Serri, Extension of the technical-economic comparison of the use of standard (reactive) or superconducting current fault limiters in different public and private power grid scenarios. RSE 18000038, 2017. Report Power System Research
A. Villa, M. Gondola, R. Malgesini, L. Barbieri, Modeling and measuring the corona in the air with the current transmission applications continues RSE 15000382, 2014. Report Power System Research
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Power System Research
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