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Private electric mobility is an exciting opportunity for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and especially the improvement of air quality in large cities. The way is being paved for what is perceived as a decisive opportunity for the developme...

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M. Borgarello, C. Nsangwe, G. Tripodi, S. Viani, S. Soresinetti, C. Caruso, et al., Efficient and energy-saving scenarios in urban passengers mobility: the Milan test case RSE 17001221, 2016. Report Power System Research
G. Pirovano, A. Balzarini, A. Toppetti, A. Amicarelli, G. Riva, N. Pepe, Developement of electric mobility: emission scenarios and air quality evaluation aturban scale RSE 17001870, 2016. Report Power System Research
P. Brambilla, P. Girardi, LCA of electric and conventional vehicles: Life Cycle Impact Assessment regionalization RSE 17001872, 2016. Report Power System Research
F. Colzi, S. Celaschi, Enable the electric mobility: aspects of policy, business models and support to the choices of the users RSE 17001134, 2016. Report Power System Research
A. Motta, E. Micolano, Development and test of a microEV smart charging device RSE 17001385, 2016. Report Power System Research
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