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The operational security of the electricity network, that is the ability of the system to ensure the continuity of the electrical service to users even in the presence of disturbances such as short circuits or loss of generation, constitutes an essen...

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GRID RESILIENCE 2015 , Security and vulnerabilities of the electrical system, Power System Research, 2015. Antonella Frigerio
MERCATI ELETTRICI 2015, Evolution of interconnected electrical systems and integration of the markets, Power System Research, 2015. Alberto Gelmini
SMART CITIES 2015, Smart cities e smart communities, Power System Research, 2015. Cristina Cavicchioli
SMART-DSYS 2015, Development and management of distribution networks, Power System Research, 2015 - 2017. Carlo Ismaele Tornelli
EOLMAR 2014, Energia elettrica da fonte eolica e da fonte marina, Power System Research, 2014. Laura Serri
EVOLRETE 2014, Evolution and planning of the national electric system, Power System Research, 2014. Antonella Frigerio
EVOLRETE 2013, Evoluzione e sviluppo del sistema elettrico nazionale, Power System Research, 2013. Antonella Frigerio
RETI ATTIVE 2013, Generazione distribuita e reti attive, Power System Research, 2013. Claudio Luciano Bossi
RETE 2012, Sviluppo del Sistema e della Rete Elettrica nazionale, Power System Research, 2012. Antonella Frigerio
SCENARI 2012, Evoluzione della domanda e dell'offerta dell'energia elettrica e scenari futuri, Power System Research, 2012. Alberto Gelmini
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