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Direct current distribution networks

The coming of power electronics is radically changing the scenarios of transmission, distribution and use of electricity. In fact it is already possible to develop reliable and economic electronic converters to completely release the tension, frequen...

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T&D-C.C. 2015 , Transmission and distribution in direct current, Power System Research, 2015. Chiara Gandolfi
T&D 2014, Transmission and distribution of the electric energy, Power System Research, 2014. Paolo Mazza
RETI ATTIVE 2013, Generazione distribuita e reti attive, Power System Research, 2013. Claudio Luciano Bossi
RETE 2012, Sviluppo del Sistema e della Rete Elettrica nazionale, Power System Research, 2012. Antonella Frigerio
SMART GRIDS 2012, Generazione distribuita, reti attive e sistemi di accumulo, Power System Research, 2012. Luciano Martini
P01 (GOV), Studi sullo sviluppo del Sistema Elettrico e della Rete Elettrica Nazionale, Power System Research, 2009 - 2011. Claudio Cherbaucich
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