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Development scenarios

Awareness of the strategic role of energy systems in society and their impact on the environment, for some time now has addressed national energy policies to guarantee the availability of energy, which is a fundamental element for the economic development of the Country, but also to reduce its harmful effects as much as possible and therefore develop sustainable energy systems.

The evolution of the international energy situation in the last years, on the other hand, has seen elements of uncertainty on the future arise, resulting from the environmental problem and the political and economic international events, that go from terrorism tension to the increasing demand of energy commodities in large emerging Countries.

As a result of the above and compared to some time ago, a simple "business as usual" hypothesis for the development of energy systems is less predictable and increases the need to explore, even approximately, the effects of unusual surrounding conditions and of specific measures of energy policies.

Moreover, following decentralization of responsibilities in the energy sector in Italy, it is essential to clearly and explicitly assess the combined effects of regional choices on the national system.

In this context, the objective of RSE is to provide the different players of the national electricity system (domestic and industrial users, distributors, network managers, producers, regulators) with studies, tools, methods and data to plan the development of the electricity system by improving governance, orienting development choices and making the utmost use of government levers to pursue the objectives of saving, security, functionality and sustainability, considering not only the Italian network but also present or potential connections with the rest of Europe, the Balkans and Countries in the Mediterranean South coast.