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Demand management

Demand management of energy is intended to counter consumption growth by rationalizing the behavior and technological choices of consumers, in order to ensure the same level of service (comfort, productivity, etc…) with reduced energy needs. M...

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A. Rossetti, Synergies between electricity and heat networks: optimization of the operation of a real heat network which provides ancillary services to electrical grid RSE 17001381, 2016. Report Power System Research
S. Marchionna, Cu2MnSn4 and Cu2FeSnS4: new chalcogenide thin films for large-scale BIPV RSE 17001376, 2016. Report Power System Research
F. Apadula, A. Lanza, G. Riva, Electricity consumption and role of the temperature variable RSE 17002204, 2016. Report Power System Research
V. Angelucci, P. Gramatica, R. Urban, D. Moneta, Energy Optimization functions: Data analyses and test in field RSE 17001216, 2016. Report Power System Research
A. Pitto, F. Conte, M. Crosa di Vergagni, F. Silvestro, D. Cirio, A. Gatti, et al., Load control for system security purposes: opportunities and issues RSE 17001212, 2016. Report Power System Research
S. Maggiore, Analysis of the effects of the entry into force of the new electric tariff on italian residential households equipped with a PV plant RSE 17001213, 2016. Report Power System Research
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