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Demand management

Demand management of energy is intended to counter consumption growth by rationalizing the behavior and technological choices of consumers, in order to ensure the same level of service (comfort, productivity, etc…) with reduced energy needs. M...

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M. Gallanti, S. Maggiore, The effect of the new domestic tariff on the profitability of a photovoltaic system for self-consumption, Quotidiano Energia 20, vol. 12 N. 74, pp. 7-8, Aprile-2016. Article Power System Research
W. Grattieri, S. Maggiore, M. Benini, M. Gallanti, Italy - Impact of the enforcement of a time-of-use tariff to residential customers in Italy, ISGAN Annex 6 T&D Case Book Version 1.0 Spotlight on Smart and Strong Power T&D Infrastructure, pp. 94-104, Aprile-2015. Article Power System Research
L. Mazzocchi, S. Maggiore, Energy cost analysis for a house, taking into account the recent tariff proposals by the Italian Energy Autority, L'Energia Elettrica , ISSN1590-7651, vol. 92 N. 6, pp. 37-45, Novembre-Dicembre-2015. Article Power System Research
A. Capozza, A. Zarrella, M. De Carli, Strumenti modellistici per la progettazione dei campi geotermici per pompe di calore a terreno, La Termotecnica , pp. 61-64, Giugno-2015. Article Power System Research
S. Maggiore, With the S3C project, the role of end user in the electro-energy system becomes “intelligent, Nuova Energia , ISSN 2036-8380, vol. 6, pp. 50-55, Giugno-2015. Article European Union
S. Maggiore, L. Mazzocchi, L. Barbierato, V. Bella, F. Bellifemine, Analysis of the Flexibility of the Application for Energy residential electric energy in Italy, L'Energia Elettrica, vol. 91 N. 4, pp. 19-31, Luglio/Agosto-2014. Article Power System Research
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