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Renewable Energy

In this field, RSE conduct research activities aimed at developing studies, tools and methods to assess renewable energy technologies, to optimize the management of plants and their integration in the electricity network, to minimize environmental im...

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M. Scagliotti, The technical specifications of biomethane and the state of the legislation, Biometano Day, Il biometano dalla produzione al consumo finale, 3, Marzo-2017. Presentation Power System Research
M. Meghella, P. Masarati, G. Faggiani, Lessons learned and open issues relevant to the seismic safety assessment of several Italian concrete dams. Presentation of an alternative simulation approach and a simplified risk indexes tool, 2nd “DAMS & SEISMS” EWG WORKSHOP, 6-7, Febbraio-2017. Presentation Power System Research
E. Collino, D. Ronzio, M. Lacavalla, P. Marcacci, G. Riva, Come il tempo (radiazione solare, vento, ghiaccio, etc..) può influire sul sistema energetico e contribuire a rendere la nostra energia più pulita, 6° Giornata della Meteorologia, 11, Marzo-2017. Presentation Power System Research
J. Alterach, G. Bruno, P. Federici, A. Danelli, Underground Hydro Pumped Storage Potential Assessment in Italy, 4th Annual Advanced Hydropower Generation and Pumped Storage Forum 27-28, Gennaio-2016. Presentation Power System Research
M. Scagliotti, Relevant standards for the injection in the natural gas network and for direct use in automotive, Biometano Day Il biometano in tutti gli scenari di utilizzo3, Marzo-2016. Presentation Power System Research
P. Marcacci, A. Tettamanti, D. Ronzio, SSIM: Presentation of new diode spectrometer, PV outdoor spectral measurement workshop at AIT 12, Dicembre-2016. Presentation Power System Research
G. Martignon, MBT plants in Italy and their role in a sustainable waste management, IEA Bioenergy Task 36 , Maggio-2016. Presentation Power System Research
A. Rossetti, METESCO Un impianto dimostrativo: Solar Cooling a media temperatura, Ricerca di Sistema, il contributo di RSE alla Strategia Energetica Europea 29, Febbraio-2016. Presentation Power System Research
F. Spagnoli, G. Giuliani, P. Penna, G. Ciceri, V. Martinotti, AMERIGO: a lander for biogeochemical studies of marine benthic systems, La geologia marina in Italia - Primo convegno dei geologi marini italiani 18-19, Febbraio-2016. Presentation Power System Research
G. Mazza´, A. Frigerio, Indagine socio-ambientale per la valutazione dei rapporti tra i gestori delle dighe italiane e il territorio, Dighe e Territorio 10 , Novembre-2016. Presentation Power System Research
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