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Renewable Energy

In this field, RSE conduct research activities aimed at developing studies, tools and methods to assess renewable energy technologies, to optimize the management of plants and their integration in the electricity network, to minimize environmental im...

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S. Alessandrini, S. Sperati, Gridded probabilistic weather forecasts with an Analog Ensemble, 4th International Conference on Energy & Meteorology (ICEM). 27-28, Giugno-2017. Poster Power System Research
A. Rossetti, Development and realization of a medium Temperature solar cooling plant, 11th ISES EUROSUN 2016 11-14, Ottobre-2016. Poster Power System Research
V. Martinotti, G. Ciceri, A. Rigoldi, C. Marras, S. Angela, Characterization of WEEE and innovative methods for the recovery of strategic metals, XV Congresso Divisione di Chimica dell'Ambiente e dei Beni Culturali - Società Chimica Italiana 15-18 , Giugno-2015. Poster Power System Research
F. Trespidi, G. Abagnale, M. Cornelli, F. Galeotti, M. Pasini, Investigation on self-assembled polymer nanostructures as antireflection coating for photovoltaic cells, NANOSMAT 2015 13-16 , Settembre-2015. Poster Power System Research
A. Sole, S. Scarpino, D. Capolongo, A. Cantisani, L. Mancusi, A. Refice, et al., COSMO-SkyMed satellite data to support flood risk assessment, Le Giornate dell'Idrologia 2014 - Piani di gestione e sistemi di early warning per la mitigazione del rischio idrologico, idraulico e idrogeologico 26-28 , Novembre-2014. Poster Power System Research
L. Giosa, A. Sole, A. Cantisani, L. Mancusi, S. Scarpino, The FLORA-2D model for the simulation of flooding in areas covered with rigid and flexible vegetation, IDRA14 XXXIV Convegno Nazionale di Idraulica e Costruzioni Idrauliche 8-10 , Settembre-2014. Poster Power System Research
A. Figari, Alternative Photovoltaics: Organic Solar Cells, Fotonica 2014 Convegno Italiano delle Tecnologie Fotoniche 12-14 , Maggio-2014. Poster Power System Research
L. Delle Monache, S. Ellen Haupt, S. Alessandrini, B. Kosovic, F. Davo´, S. Sperati, On the value of uncertainty quantification and probabilistic wind power predictions, EWEA 2014 The European Wind Energy Association 10-13 , Marzo-2014. Poster Power System Research
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