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Renewable Energy

In this field, RSE conduct research activities aimed at developing studies, tools and methods to assess renewable energy technologies, to optimize the management of plants and their integration in the electricity network, to minimize environmental im...

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F. Trespidi, A. Malchiodi, F. Farina, Note: Photoluminescence measurement system for multi-junction solar cells, Review of Scientific Instruments, 0034-6748/2017/88(5)/056104/3/$30.00, vol. 056104, pp. 88-90, Maggio-2017. Article Power System Research
R. Albano, I. Craciun, A. Ozunu, L. Mancusi, A. Sole, Flood damage assessment and uncertainty analysis: the case study of 2006 flood in ilisua basin in Romania, Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences, vol. 12, N. 2, pp. 335 - 346, Luglio-2017. Article Power System Research
L. Mazzocchi, M. Notaro, C. Valli, M. Scagliotti, Biomethane, a versatile and renewable energy carrier, Nuova Energia, ISSN 2036-8380, vol. XIV N. 6, pp. 30-34, Novembre/Dicembre-2016. Article Power System Research
F. Trespidi, M. Pasini, F. Galeotti, Breath Figure-Assisted Fabrication of Nanostructured Coatingon Silicon Surface and Evaluation of Its Antireflection Power, Hindawi Publishing Corporation Journal of Nanomaterials , vol. 3502310, pp. 1-8, Marzo-2016. Article Power System Research
S Binetti, M Acciarri, M. Merlini, S. Marchionna, A. Le Donne, F. Cernuschi, Growth of Cu2MnSnS4 PV absorbers by sulfurization of evaporated precursors, Journal of Alloys and Compounds , vol. 693, pp. 95-102, Settembre-2016. Article Power System Research
D. Bertani, Fotovoltaico con batteria: con gli incentivi e i prezzi attuali, quanto conviene?, QualEnergia, Giugno-2016. Article Power System Research
S. Sperati, L. Delle Monache, S. Alessandrini, An application of the ECMWF Ensemble Prediction System for short-term solar power forecasting, Solar Energy , vol. 133, pp. 437–450, Aprile-2016. Article Power System Research
F. Davò, S. Alessandrini, S. Sperati, L. Delle Monache, D. Airoldi, M. T. Vespucci, Post-processing techniques and principal component analysis for regional wind power and solar irradiance forecasting, Solar Energy , vol. 134, pp. 327–338, Maggio-2016. Article Power System Research
E. Garofalo, D. Bertani, S. Guastella, Le FER cercano un approdo sulle isole minori, Nuova Energia, ISSN 2036-8380, vol. 6, pp. 71-75, Novembre/Dicembre-2016. Article Power System Research
V. Martinotti, G. Ciceri, Q. Gianluca, D. Marisa, C. Lucio, Bringing AMS radiocarbon into the Anthropocene: Potential and drawbacks inthe determination of the bio-fraction in industrial emissions and in carbon-based products, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B, vol. 361 (2015), pp. 521–525, Febbraio-2015. Article Power System Research
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