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Smart grids

The electricity transmission and distribution network is an essential link of the national electrical energy system. In its function as a link between the generation and the end user, it is a key enabler of many of the actions aimed at reducing green...

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D. Bertani, Fotovoltaico con batteria: con gli incentivi e i prezzi attuali, quanto conviene?, QualEnergia, Giugno-2016. Article Power System Research
I. Losa, Scalability and replicability of Smart Grid demonstrators: tools to support large-scale deployment of the most promising solutions, Quotidiano Energia, 27, vol. Anno 12 numero 142, pp. 8-10, Luglio-2016. Article Power System Research
R. Terruggia, G. Dondossola, Altri Autori, Arquiteturas de redes inteligentes: casos de uso e requisitos de TIC, Eletricidade Moderna, 0100-2104, vol. 502 Anno 44, pp. 60-66 2016. Article European Union
G. Viganò, D. Moneta, C. Carlini, C. Michelangeli, L. Consiglio, S. Cuni, et al., Il controllo delle reti attive di distribuzione: l'esperienza del dimostratore italiano del progetto Europeo GRID4EU, L'Energia Elettrica, 1590-7651, vol. 93 N. 4, pp. 39-49, Luglio/Agosto-2016. Article Power System Research
R. Lazzari, C. Parma, A. De Marco, S. Bittanti, Enabling a flexible exchange of energy of a photovoltaic plant with the grid by means of a controlled storage system, International Journal of Control, doi:10.1080/00207179.2015.1025847, Marzo-2015. Article Power System Research
N. Hatziargyriou, L.J. Puglisi, G. Bissell, A. Abart, M. Rossi, R. Priewasser, The Best of IGREENGrid Practices - A Distribution Network?s Contribution to Resiliency, IEEE Power and Energy Magazine, 1540-7977/15©2015IEEE, pp. 81-89, Maggio-Giugno-2015. Article Power System Research
G. Dondossola, R. Terruggia, Security of communications in voltage control for grids connecting DER: impact analysis and anomalous behaviours, CIGRE Science and Engineering Innovation In the Power Systems Idustry , ISSN 2426-1335, vol. 2, pp. 30-39, Giugno-2015. Article European Union
A. Temporelli, P. Girardi, Smartainability®: sustainability assessment of technologies for smart cities. The project developed for the Universal Exhibition in Milan, Energie & Ambiente Oggi, vol. 18, pp. 58-61, Maggio-2015. Article Power System Research
G. Dondossola, Cyber Security of Power Systems: another safety dimension, Il Giornale Dell’Ingegnere , vol. 12, Dicembre-2015. Article Power System Research
D. Bertani, Grid defection for domestic end-users: utopia or pausible scenario?, L'Energia Elettrica, 1590-7651, vol. 92 N. 5, pp. 9-14, Settembre/Ottobre-2015. Article Power System Research
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