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Thermoelectric plants

The generation of electricity in Italy is characterized by a strong dependence on the import of primary energy sources and is essentially based on the use of fossil fuels, mainly oil and natural gas. This situation exposes the country to issues relat...

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G. Ciceri, Solid waste management practices, a review of technologies and the major challenges as indicated through IEA, 2nd RENESENG training school 5-10 , Giugno-2016. Presentation Power System Research
A. Cammi, V. Casamassima, Flexible operation of combined cycles: an effective response to the needs of a low-carbon electrical system, ATI - HELE - High Efficiency Low Emissions, Milano, 27, Settembre-2016. Presentation Power System Research
F. Cernuschi, C. Guardamagna, L. Lorenzoni, Solid particle erosion of standard and advanced thermal barrier coatings, Helmholz Symposium on Materials and Coating for High Temperatures 7 -8 , Aprile-2016. Presentation European Union
F. Cernuschi, Influence of embedded MoSi2 particles on the high temperature thermal conductivity of SPS produced yttria-stabilised zirconia, 43rd ICMCTF International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films 25-29 , Aprile-2016. Presentation European Union
F. Colucci, F. Moia, R. Guandalini, G. Agate, Numerical modeling for geological reservoir characterization, International CAE Conference 2015 19-20 , Ottobre-2015. Presentation Power System Research
V. Casamassima, F. Parozzi, G. Vella, F. Mascari, F. De Rosa, Analyses of Trace-Parcs Coupling capability by simulating a MSLB Transient, Fall 2015 CAMP Meeting 4-6 , Novembre-2015. Presentation European Union
G. Ciceri, EfW in Italy: an update, IEA-Bioenergy Task 36 meeting and workshop 1-4 , Giugno-2015. Presentation Power System Research
G. Ciceri, Factors influencing the development of energy from waste in Italy, IEA-Bioenergy Task 36 meeting and workshop 1-4 , Giugno-2015. Presentation Power System Research
G. Ciceri, R. Guandalini, Methods for the determination of the biogenic fraction of waste used for EfW purpose, MatER Tendenze e Innovazione nella gestione dei rifiuti 21-22 , Maggio-2015. Presentation Power System Research
R. Guandalini, G. Agate, F. Colucci, F. Moia, GeoSIAM: an integrated 3D numerical modelling system for the characterization of a geological reservoir for storage and geothermal purposes, 2nd Frontiers in Computational Physics Conference: Energy Sciences 3-5 , Giugno-2015. Presentation Power System Research
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