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Energy efficiency

RSE is active in a number of research projects involving energy efficiency at national, European and international level. In the energy landscape three are core elements that must work together in a synergistic way on the development of an efficien...

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F. Trespidi, G. Timo´, M. Cornelli, E. Malvisi, N. Armani, Simulation and realization of Ge solar cells for TPV application RSE 18002424, 2017. Report Power System Research
G. Besagni, R. Nesa, S. Viani, L. Croci, Innovative technologies for heating and cooling applications: description of the research activity and outcomes RSE 18001222, 2017. Report Power System Research
A. Cavaliere, C. Guardamagna, F. Cernuschi, A. Cammi, S. Capelli, S. Concari, et al., The metallic and ceramic materials that can be used for the manufacturing of a highefficiency micro-turbine RSE 18002403, 2017. Report Power System Research
S. Maggiore, R. Nesa, G. Besagni, M. Borgarello, A. Realini, Characterization of the household electricity consumption RSE 18001188, 2017. Report Power System Research
M. Borgarello, C. Nsangwe Businge, S. Maggiore, F. Bazzocchi, M. Gobbi, A. Realini, Energy efficiency in industry: potential for energy savings and impact on business performance and competitiveness RSE 18001189, 2017. Report Power System Research
S. Capelli, F. Drago, P. Fedeli, L. Ferravante, L. Lorenzoni, C. Bertoni, High temperature oxygen separation membranes: development, testing, characterization and integration in industrial processes RSE 18002150, 2017. Report Power System Research
S. Concari, Development of ceramic materials protected by environmental barrier coatings forapplication in high efficiency microturbine rotors RSE 17001371, 2016. Report Power System Research
L. Croci, S. Viani, Experimental test and evaluation of SINCLER and SINCLER+ (dual source), hybridphotovoltaic/thermal solar heat pump systems developed by RSE for space heating and cooling operation, domestic hot water production RSE 17001211, 2016. Report Power System Research
G. Pirovano, A. Balzarini, A. Toppetti, A. Amicarelli, G. Riva, N. Pepe, Developement of electric mobility: emission scenarios and air quality evaluation aturban scale RSE 17001870, 2016. Report Power System Research
M. Borgarello, C. Nsangwe, G. Tripodi, S. Viani, S. Soresinetti, C. Caruso, et al., Efficient and energy-saving scenarios in urban passengers mobility: the Milan test case RSE 17001221, 2016. Report Power System Research
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