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Renewable Energy

In this field, RSE conduct research activities aimed at developing studies, tools and methods to assess renewable energy technologies, to optimize the management of plants and their integration in the electricity network, to minimize environmental im...

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BIOENERGY 2017, Bioenergy, Power System Research, 2017. Giovanna Pinuccia Martignon
CONCENTRPV 2017, Concentrated solar photovoltaics, Power System Research, 2017. Salvatore Guastella
CONVENERGIA 2017, Small scale energy conversion plants, Power System Research, 2017. Andrea Rossetti
ENEMAR 2017, Electrical Energy from the sea, Power System Research, 2017. Maximo Aurelio Peviani
BIOENERGY 2016, Bioenergy, Power System Research, 2016. Giovanna Pinuccia Martignon
CONVENERGIA 2016, Small size plants for energy conversion, Power System Research, 2016. Cristina Cavicchioli
ACCUMULO 2015, Materiali e tecnologie per accumulo energia per sistema elettrico, Power System Research, 2015. Omar Perego
BIOENERGY 2015, Bioenergy, Power System Research, 2015. Giovanna Pinuccia Martignon
CONCENTRPV 2015, Solar concentrating photovoltaic, Power System Research, 2015. Vincenzo Fantini
CONVENERGIA 2015, Small energy conversion plants, Power System Research, 2015. Cristina Cavicchioli
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