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InnoGrid: annual conference of the European association of distribution network operators

InnoGrid: annual conference of the European association of distribution network operators

InnoGrid is the conference organized annually by the European association of distribution network operators E.DSO and by the association of European transmission system operators ENTSO-E. The purpose of the conference is to highlight the new findings on electricity grids that emerge from research and innovation activities, and, in particular, from European research projects funded under the Horizon2020 framework program.

This year, the organizers had to cancel the conference due to the critical issues related to the COVID-19 emergency and replaced the physical event with two totally free virtual sessions (registration link on:, which will be held on Thursday 18 June and Tuesday 30 June 2020 from 11h00 to 13h00 CET. Each of the two sessions will introduce 4 key European research projects.

During the former day (18th June), Gianluigi Migliavacca of RSE was invited to hold a presentation of the European FlexPlan project ( that he coordinates. Such presentation will take place in a session coordinated by Maximilian Urban (of the Austrian distributor Netz Niederösterreich, member of the E.DSO Projects Committee) and Norela Constantinescu (Manager Research & Innovation of ENTSO-E).

The FlexPlan project, lasting three years starting from the kick-off in October 2019, aims at building a new tool for the integrated planning of transmission and distribution networks such as to consider investment in new storage systems and flexible operation of loads and demand as an alternative to the construction of new lines, with a view to reducing overall costs (investment cost plus operating cost) for the system. However, the FlexPlan project does not end with the construction of the new tool, but aims to use this tool for the analysis of six regional cases that cover almost the entire European continent. These regional cases will be used to provide a vision on grid planning in Europe until 2050 and in particular to answer the question: what role will flexibility play and how much will its use contribute to reducing planning costs while maintaining current safety levels of the system? The project will end with the formulation of guidelines for use by both national regulators and planning offices of transmission and distribution network operators.

In addition to RSE, the FlexPlan consortium includes three transmission operators (the Italian TERNA, the Portuguese REN and the Slovenian ELES) and ENEL Global Infrastructure (which represents in addition to the major Italian distributor e-distribuzione, also present in the consortium as a linked third party, the Spanish distributor ENDESA and the Romanian Dobrogea). In addition to the network operators, the consortium includes numerous research centres from 8 European countries and N-SIDE, the developer of the European market coupling platform EUPHEMIA.