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ENTSO-E publishes the Research Roadmap 2020-2030

ENTSO-E publishes the Research Roadmap 2020-2030

RSE has assisted ENTSO-E (European Transmission System Operator) in the preparation of the Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) Roadmap. The output of this assignment was acknowledged by ENTSO-E, that thanked RSE for the contribution to the supporting analysis and for drafting the a few versions of the Roadmap.

An important assignment  to support ENTSO-E in drafting the Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) Roadmap 2020–2030 issued by ENTSO-E (the Association of European Transmission System Operator) has been fulfilled by RSE. This strategic document is aimed at designing the innovation objectives for European TSOs in the next decade, as requested by the EU Council and Parliament[1]. RSE has closely co-operated with  ENTSO-E under a tender contract and supported the consultation process among TSO experts all over Europe. The process has defined the main R&I needs towards the decarbonization objectives for the power system as indicated by the Green Deal[2]. RSE has revised and elaborated the different priorities expressed by TSOs across specific R&I items proposed for the Roadmap.

The approval of the RDI Roadmap 2020-2030 by the relevant governance organs of ENTSO-E came after repeated interactions, workshops and meetings. It was presented  during the  InnoGrid2020+ Conference on June 30th 2020, before a distinguished audience, made of both TSOs and DSOs, with a full representation of the European Commission and of power system experts.

The Roadmap is freely available since then to every actor in the power system, interested in research and innovation, but it is also   responding to a precise mandate of  ACER - Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators - and of the European Commission, that may suggest integrations and amendments.

Going into the details of RSE activities, in a first phase a large number of RSE experts have contributed their specific competences in preparing technical sheets for the different innovation themes. In a second phase, RSE has interacted with the Research, Development and Innovation Committee (RDIC) of ENTSO-E, and specifically with the Working Group on Research, Development, Innovation and Planning (RDIP). The initial plan for the  Roadmap has been drastically revised and the R&I themes organised in six flagships. These latter represent important innovations towards an increasing integration between electricity and other energy vectors. Each of the flagships is broken up into  milestones, representing interim results, approaches and technological solutions developed by the TSOs or other power system actors. RSE  has helped in the selection of the various innovation objectives and themes, proposing the agendas of specific workshops, where consensus was sought among the representatives of the different TSOs.

Figure 1 illustrates the framework of the Roadmap document.

Figure 1 – Main themes of the  Roadmap 2020-2030 by  ENTSO-E

The six flagships are grouped in three clusters covering both large aspects of the power system, and technological innovations in specific components or sub-systems, touching electricity market and  digital infrastructure aspects, that are becoming more and more critical to manage very complex networks.     

Besides drafting the Roadmap text, RSE has prepared the questionnaire by which information has been gathered by TSOs about their ongoing research projects, foreseen activities, need of future projects in order to reach the objectives, and willingness operators to coordinate the projects that will stem from the Roadmap.The data were collected and organised by RSE in a graphical manner. 

The R&I themes of the Roadmap are nested and complementary with those ongoing in the TSO’s innovation portfolio (Figure 2). It is to be noted, however, that, besides the areas well established in the tradition of TSOs, some other have been added, in order to comply with the decarbonization policies of the EU.

The Roadmap 2020-2030 does not approach only technological questions, but also strategic ones, e.g. those linked with the need of resources and financial mechanisms. The collaboration with ENTSO-E in preparing this document made it possible for RSE to confront with the main experts of the electricity grids and to strengthen our experience and competence; at the same time we  are proud to have gained explicit acknowledgment and thankfullness.  

Figure 2 -  Main ongoing areas of innovation by TSOs

The Roadmap is downloadable

[1] Regulation (EU) 2019/943 of the European Parliament and of the Council, Article 30(1)(i).