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RSE presented the fourth volume of RSEView - Reflections on Energy - titled "La pompa di calore per un confort sostenibile".

RSE presented the fourth volume of RSEView - Reflections on Energy - titled

This monograph wants to illustrate to the world of research, consumers, operators, how much and how the heat pump will allow to air-condition buildings, providing the comfort, with the use of renewable energy, lower emissions and reduced primary consumption than competing technologies.

RSEView reaches its fourth monograph presenting an approach to the now familiar subject matter: illustrated with strict values, from the point of view of technical and scientific work in the field of CSR, however, placing emphasis on understanding the theme and in particular to its correlations with the electrical system and energy. In contrast to earlier topics, the heat pump has a direct impact on the end user, called to select between the different options available for the conditioning of its facilities, this technology is not yet widely known, especially in our country but from development potential of development and diffusion.

The fourth volume of the series RSEView addresses the issue of heat pumps, equipment capable of regenerating, with a lower energy input, the low-temperature heat captured from a renewable source, making it suitable to efficiently heat a building.


The demand for comfort in buildings is growing and with it the energy consumption of machines for air conditioning. An open question and the subject of several EU directives intending to limit the growth in consumption. In particular, the recent new challenges on the energy performance of buildings with a target, set in 2020, when all buildings renovated or new will become the mandatory requirement of nearly zero energy.

The issue of heat pumps is discussed from various points of view: technological aspects, plant, and economic performance in the perspective of the consumer of energy that directly supports the costs of installation and operation of air conditioning. Effects are presented in an integrated approach to energy scenario, concerning the deployment of heat pumps on a large scale and has addressed the problem of overcoming the barriers to the spread, now represented by little incentive energy prices and the difficulty asserting traditional technologies emerging. The work closes with some proposals concerning new methods of measurement, business models and incentives aimed at the full development of a manufacturing sector, which includes the domestic industry a world leader and represents a major opportunity for economic growth and professional for companies and Italian workers.

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