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This site section reports RSE research projects within the European V, VI and VII framework programs, Horizon 2020 program and other community research and innovation programs

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EU-SysFlex, Pan-European system with an efficient coordinated use of flexibilities for the integration of a large share of RES, European Union, 2017 - 2021. Diana Moneta
FASTGRID, Cost effective FCL using advanced superconducting tapes for future HVDC grids, European Union, 2017 - 2020. Luciano Martini
MAGNITUDE, Bringing flexibility provided by multi energy carrier integration to a new MAGNITUDE, European Union, 2017 - 0. Edoardo Corsetti
EU-MERCI, EU coordinated MEthods and procedures based on Real Cases for the effective implementation of policies and measures supporting energy effi ciency in the Industry, European Union, 2016 - 2018. Giorgio Franchioni
IntEnSys4EU, Integrated Energy System – a Pathway for Europe, European Union, 2016 - 2020. Michele de Nigris
SHAR-LLM, Sharing Cities, European Union, 2016 - 2020. Pierpaolo Girardi
SmartNet, Smart TSO-DSO interaction schemes, market architectures and ICT Solutions for the integration of ancillary services from demand side management and distributed generation, European Union, 2016 - 2018. Gianluigi Migliavacca
e-MOTICON, e-MObility Transnational strategy for an Interoperable COmmunity and Networking in the Alpine Space, European Union, 2016 - 2019. Cristina Cavicchioli
CPVMATCH, Concentrating Photovoltaic modules using advanced technologies and cells for highest efficiencies, European Union, 2015 - 2018. Gianluca Timo´
ERA-Net SG+ SUT, ERA-Net Smart Grid Plus Support Project, European Union, 2015 - 2019. Iva Maria Gianinoni
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