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Supply quality

The increasing use of automation systems and power electronics equipment for the management and control of energy and production processes in different industrial sectors, lead to a steady increase in the number of users that are sensitive to deviations of power supply parameters from ideal standards. These "disruptions" in Power Quality, including very common transient and stationary events: short and long interruptions, micro-interruptions, voltage dips, current and voltage harmonics, voltage fluctuations, surges and surge pulses.

In this context, RSE conducts research oriented to the:
 • Definition of appropriate indices to characterize the quality of service in the network, both locally and globally in the system
 • Identification of regulatory mechanisms of the quality of service that act at the system level as a guarantee of average quality for all customers connected to the network
 • Characterization of the susceptibility of load and process network disruptions, to define possible desensitization actions
 • Identification of measures to improve service quality by compensating disruptions that originated both within the distribution network and the user network

 As part of the campaign monitoring the voltage quality in Medium Voltage (MV) distribution networks, promoted by the Authority for Electricity and Gas in 2005, RSE has developed a monitoring system, operating since 2006 and still active, which works with a network of 600 measuring instruments distributed throughout the country. Of these, 400 are MV half-bus bars in primary substations - statistically representative sample of the Italian MV distribution network - and the rest in secondary substations of MV customers and distributors. The data is collected in a central system and stored and then processed and distributed on the website QuEEN: Quality of Electricity.