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T&D network technologies and components

In response to changes in the electricity system, the adoption of transmission and distribution technologies characterized by more advanced functionality and performance can be an effective tool to overcome the difficulties mentioned above as an alternative to traditional solutions.

RSE activities in the field of transmission and distribution (T&D) technologies are directed to the development of methods and tools that allow network operators to manage the existing infrastructure optimizing performance - for example, improving the reliability of components with diagnostic monitoring or optimizing electricity transit through the assessment of load line margins - and experimenting with new technologies such as increased ampacity electric conductors or high critical temperature superconductors.

RSE conduct research in collaboration with TERNA and other Italian companies for the characterization of innovative core conductors made of carbon fiber; they also develop working and maintenance methods under tension, diagnose medium-voltage isolators and develop optical instruments for sag and ice detection on spans of high-voltage overhead lines. The activities carried out benefit from checks and experimental contributions - on the field and in the laboratory - in a strongly applicative perspective.