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Electricity network evolution

Today, RSE is the only player in the panorama of national public research that has distinctive competences in the field of electricity networks and internationally recognized laboratories.

The development of the infrastructure system for electricity transmission is of fundamental importance for the Country because the network covers a central role in the electricity system: without it, users have no power, the market is not developed, and renewable energy sources are not exploited. Moreover, the life cycle of network components is very long and investment decisions have to be supported by effective assessment tools and estimate of costs and benefits associated to hypothesized development actions.

The progressive liberalization of the electricity market also involves more precise characterization of products and attentive regulatory activity to facilitate the measures concerning increasingly greater attention to the procedure costs of the transmission and distribution network managers with the need to guarantee an adequate level of supply quality to users. Every regulatory scheme has to be based on sound and reliable technical specifications and on the availability of innovative technologies.

In this area, RSE research activities involve the development of the Italian electricity system and its interconnections with European and Mediterranean countries and the required regulatory actions to guarantee a constant adequate level of supply quality.