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Energy efficiency

RSE is active in a number of research projects involving energy efficiency at national, European and international level.
In the energy landscape three are core elements that must work together in a synergistic way on the development of an efficiency project: the promoter that promotes energy efficiency policies and the reduction of development barriers, the technology provider and the end user that work on the area of energy efficiency in Italy. To facilitate this synergy, the research activities at RSE address the issue of energy efficiency through various actions:

 • Support in energy policies of public, central and local institutions.
 • Support in promoting projects to reduce energy consumption and diffuse best practices in the world of business and services.
 • Experimental research and verification of efficient technologies, with particular reference to the conceptual schemes that favor integration with renewable sources, to minimize the energy consumption of buildings in the service sector and the business world.
 • Evaluation of different technologies and interventions oriented to energy efficiency and calculation of cost-effectiveness and environmental aspects.

 The current EC guidelines contained in the energy and climate package and in the Directives, focus on the role of energy efficiency. This represents a keystone in the European energy policy for its transverse and appropriate role to achieving the objectives of reducing CO2 and increasing the use of renewable energy sources, however also because its development should accelerate the deployment of innovative technology solutions, improve the competitiveness of EU industry, boosting economic growth and creating high quality jobs in different sectors.

Energy efficiency is therefore not just a tool/action to reduce energy consumption, but becomes a paradigm of a "new deal" of development, able to induce changes in the behavior of individuals and businesses relatively to "sustainable" energy consumption; a process in which RSE research plays a key role.


RSE presented the fourth volume of RSEView - Reflections on Energy - titled "La pompa di calore per un confort sostenibile".

This monograph wants to illustrate to the world of research, consumers, operators, how much and how the heat pump will allow to air-condition buildings, providing the comfort, with the use of renewable energy, lower emissions and reduced primary consumption than competing technologies.  more


EU MERCI New benchmark set in industrial efficiency

The closing conference of the project implemented under the coordination of RSE was held in London on the 23rd of January. The event provided an overview of the database gathering data on about 3,000 energy efficiency projects implemented in European countries. All the good practices selected and highlighted are real-life ones, which, as such, can provide a clear indication about the projects’ technical and financial feasibility  more